Ibrahim is doing well now

Ibrahim, a fifteen-year-old student of 6th standard, was living a carefree life like other children of his age. On February 13, 2021, he complained of fatigue and fever. His family went to the nearby hospital in Sopore where the doctors prescribed some medicines, but nothing worked. They then visited Baramulla Hospital where they got some investigations done like CBC. The reports of these investigations were not normal. The doctor recommended them to visit SKIMS Hospital in Srinagar. They directly made their arrival in the emergency department of SKIMS where Ibrahim was shifted to the pediatric ward. The doctors did various investigations following which the family came to know that the child was suffering from leukemia (ALL).

Ibrahim and his family were in deep shock. For sometime, they were not able to digest this sudden turn of events in their life. Suddenly, it appeared that all of Ibrahim’s dreams were crushed. At this point, he only wished for a healthy life. After all the investigations were done, the pediatric ward sent Ibrahim to medical oncology ward for further treatment. Then the doctors and social workers counseled Ibrahim and his family regarding the treatment. The family got some relief knowing that cancer is a curable disease.

The battle had begun and Ibrahim was hopeful that he would soon get well and fulfill all his dreams. His consultant, Dr. Faisal Guru started his treatment immediately and asked the social workers to arrange funds for Ibrahim. During the treatment, the doctor advised them to do HLA matching for the Alogenic stem cell transplant. Ibrahim got HLA matching with his siblings. Now they needed funds urgently to go ahead with the treatment. The family approached Leukemia Crusaders for the same and they offered immediate help.

Ibrahim and his family are very grateful to Leukemia Crusaders for the timely help in their hard times. Without their support they would not be able to bear the expenses of HLA matching.

Ibrahim is doing well now.


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