Speedy financial aid to avoid delays in treatment.

Timely treatment of children with Leukemia increases the chances of recovery to a large extent. With our bridge-funding, we ensure treatment starts as soon as possible.

Access to best medical facilities for the needy.

The possibility of better outcomes increases with better healthcare access.
The poor is often not in a condition to avail quality medical services.
We serve as a bridge here.
Helping children defeat leukemia (blood cancer)

Every child needs a happy childhood. When we see the little ones fighting Leukemia, we step forward and walk with them to ensure that their journey is a little less stressful and a lot more hopeful.

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What our buyers say

In our journey to provide optimum care to our children with leukemia, we are enormously fortunate to have Leukemia Crusaders as our partners. Over many years, including during the Covid-19.

Dr. Ramandeep Singh Arora, Senior Consultant, Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

Thanks to the team of Leukemia Crusaders, little  Divyanshi who was diagnosed with blood cancer is  celebrating her 3rd birthday. She has completed her first  cycle of chemotherapy successfully. Divyanshi.

Dr. Shruti Kakkar – DMCH, Ludhiana

Funding from Leukemia Crusaders has been a big  boon for patients from the poor socio-economic  strata of society, as now they do not abandon  treatment due to lack of funds..

Dr. Venkatraman – Cancer institute, Adyar, Chennai

They help needy patients in the shortest time. Because of them, I can see a future  with 0% abandonment.

Dr. Tushar Idhate – MGM Hospital, Aurangabad
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