Funding treatment

Five years old Poonam was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia two and a half years ago. She was admitted in PGI, Chandigarh for treatment. She got well after proper treatment and care. However, on June 28, 2022, she got seizure and came to DMC&H for a follow up. She was admitted in the hospital and was investigated and tested for CBC and other investigations. Medicines were started.

Dr. Shruti counselled the family and informed that Poonam had had a relapse. The family realized that it would be a difficult journey ahead. Their poor socio- economic background, three more sisters to be taken care and Poonam’s father being the single earning member would pose immense financial pressure. The parents, however, were determined to get Poonam treated again and requested for financial help. Their request, along with the documents, were sent to Leukemia Crusaders for help. The NGO extended their support with timely funding which ensured adequate treatment. By God’s grace, the child is now doing well.



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