Chaitali’s path to recovery

Chaitali Sakpal, a 7-year-old girl, had lost her father at a very early age and was staying with her mother at Satara. She started running fever in February 2019 and gradually developed joint pains. When there was no response to the medicines provided by the local doctor, she was  brought to Wadia hospital, Mumbai. On evaluation in Wadia hospital, she was found to have pancytopenia (Low Hb, Low WBC, Low platelets). Further, the bone marrow examination revealed Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Chaitali’s mother got shattered with the news. Being a single mother and a daily wage worker at the farms in Satara, she could fathom what lay ahead. The need to stay in Mumbai for 6-8 months for Chaitali’s treatment seemed like a challenge to her, leaving behind her elder child and work in village. With the help of counselling by doctors, counsellors, and reassurance by social workers she gathered courage to undertake treatment for Chaitali at Wadia hospital.

Her treatment journey saw many ups and downs. The initial treatment and supportive care were done with the help of aid from Leukemia Crusaders. During the first cycle of her chemotherapy, Chaitali’s mother got sick and had to be admitted in a hospital, that’s when her maternal uncle took care of her treatment.

Her mother recovered and again dedicated herself completely towards her child’s treatment, running through flood-laden roads and arranging blood for the child in July 2019. Several other NGOs pitched in with their bit for the child’s treatment.

In January 2022, Chaitali completed her treatment and is on a regular follow-up. She is currently doing well. Her mother’s courage, will-power and constant support from NGOs like Leukemia Crusaders helped Chaitali sail through the treatment smoothly and successfully.


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