An Unconditional Bond

By Shailika Sinha

Parents – the word that exudes warmth, unconditional love, care, security and loads of affection. The pillars that hold their children intact in every phase of their lives. The people who live for their kids, sacrifice so much for their kids and are always there to support them, to stand for them. Where do they find themselves in the middle of these trying times when it has been months since the world is stuck in a pandemic? Parenting is not an easy thing to do. And, more so, with all that is going around right now.

Parents are facing unique kind of issues and stresses during this Covid-19 pandemic. Schools have closed and have gone virtual. Kids are there at home all the time. Outdoor activities and social interactions for them have come to a standstill. No school, no play, no interaction – imagine what the kids can be like!

The other side of the story – homes have become the new workplaces, work hours have exceeded, work commitments have increased; back to back virtual meetings, constant office calls, deliverables, video conferences have become so much a part of every household especially where both parents are working.

We know it’s tough! There was a time when parents had all the help for domestic chores, when the kids would go to school, when they would go to parks to play and come back happy and tired, when parents would come to bed at night in a relaxed state and read out stories to their children. But now it is like running the entire household, helping the kids with virtual classes, and keeping them engaged beyond, while working for office as well!

The situation – working from home, working for home, working for office! Doesn’t this mean ‘working throughout.’ And yet, they try to keep their cool, to fulfil their commitments, to keep it easy for their kids and to maintain a sense of balance. That smile, that expression of content on the faces of their children, is all that they live for and work so hard. This has been an extraordinary year and we have all faced problems of different kinds. But it is also the year to celebrate parents for all their efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of their children and to keep them happy and unaffected, as much as possible, with whatever is going outside!


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