A Message from a Father

“I want to say that I have been really fortunate to have such support from Leukemia Crusaders, who has stood by us in our hardest times”

After the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia of my son, we were in a dilemma due to the expensive treatment. As a daily wage earner, I didn’t have much income to bear with such a disease and its expensive treatment. Back in late December 2021, I was unable to find a job due to COVID. I tried for weeks to source insurance for our son Katkuri Vasishta, but due to his pre-existing condition (Blood Cancer), it was impossible to find a policy. So, we ended up paying out of our pocket for the chemotherapy. We put all our savings into this with additional sums borrowed from friends and loaners. This ordeal put great financial burden on me and my family.

I was unable to work for an undetermined period due to our son’s medical condition and therefore, wasn’t able to source money for my son’s treatment. In the first month, I somehow arranged money by myself, but in second month my son got infections which required us to extend our stay for more than a week. I was left with a little amount by then. I knew that with that amount I wouldn’t be able to pay my son’s hospital bills. I approached a social worker to help us in doing the payment who luckily referred us to Leukemia Crusaders (BVMT). They came as a big relief as they asked for minimal documents for releasing the payment. I took nearly 7-8 days to arrange the documents. From the third month onwards, they started releasing the payment. The money that we got from Leukemia Crusaders was used for chemotherapy and other medications. This has made a huge difference in supporting our son’s treatment. It relieved us substantially from money matters for the treatment.

Everything has gone in our favour though it has really been hard mentally, but thanks to the team of Leukemia Crusaders (BVMT) for their timely help. I am so privileged to have BVMT support and I am so grateful because I could not imagine how hard it would be doing this alone with no one to take care of.

Leukemia Crusaders has been my strength and the reason for my child’s treatment. With their support, I am pushing myself so hard to make my son’s treatment successful.

I cannot express how much you have helped us in our son’s treatment. For me, this was burdensome, but everything went smoothly with your generous help.

Thank you once again for your support!

Katkuri Venkatesh (Katkuri Vasishta’s father)


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