Value your Loved ones

By Jasmine

Today is Friday, and many of us must have started planning for weekend. I and my husband have planned to spend every moment with our daughter. Make her happy, see her laugh and enjoy. Taking her to a place where she loves the most.

Often we take relationships for granted. valuing every moment in life is what I have personally learned from my work. Have you ever met children suffering from Cancer? I might not have met these children if I had not joined this organisation (Leukemia crusaders) a year back… Meeting these children, meet their families, feel what they are going through, the fear of losing their child… The fear of seeing their child struggling during chemos… These children are better than we people, as they are fighting against the toughest at such an early age.

Every day I realise there’s so much to thank God in life rather than cribbing about pity things in life. Value your life. Remember there are many who are paying hefty amounts just to stay alive.

Cherish each moment coz Life is precious. Give valuable time to your loved ones and most important- Thank God for every moment in your Life.


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