Vaishnavi’s Story

It was during June 2018, my daughter Vaishnavi was having recurring fever. We took her to multiple doctors but she wasn’t getting any relief. We visited MGM Hospital, Aurangabad, there we met Dr. Tushar Idhate, he suggested some tests which confirmed that my daughter had blood cancer.”

I work as a labourer. Whenever there is requirement for a labour, I rush to work. I have my parents, my wife and two children to look after. I could never imagine my daughter having Blood Cancer. I just kept thinking why my daughter? She was merely 4 years old then. Kids at this age don’t know what they are going through. We did as the doctor said. With meagre earnings, I was trying hard to meet the ends. Dr. Tushar approached some NGOs who held my hand in times of trouble. Leukemia Crusaders is one of them who gave us instant help of funds. Everything went on well. Vaishnavi went through chemotherapy and completed the intense part of the treatment. She reached the maintenance phase which is almost the last part of the treatment.

It was in October 2023 when she started having fever again, we consulted doctors nearby our home. They advised us to take her back to MGM hospital, after couple of tests Doctor said that Cancer is back. I was completely shattered. She was just completing her treatment and her cancer came back. She is now 9 years old. We haven’t told her anything. I just tell her that today we need to stay in the hospital for some medicines. She dreams of becoming a doctor and I have to fulfil her dreams. I want her to inspire a lot of people. I have no idea how will I fulfil her dream. I have kept my faith on Dr. Tushar and God, I know doctor will give her the best treatment. Surprisingly, Leukemia Crusaders who supported us back in 2018, is supporting us today as well. I believe Vaishnavi will come out as a warrior. I will make her a doctor to save many children like her.


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