The Road Ahead

By Shailika Sinha

A difficult year has gone by. With the vaccination drive for Covid-19 just round the corner, year 2021 has surely begun on a good note.
There is so much to look forward to. Better health, more happiness and more action!

The passing year has taught us many an important lesson that is likely to stay with us throughout.
It has reinstated the fact that no matter what, health is the most important thing, and that good health includes both physical and mental wellbeing.

During the phase of lockdown and uncertainty, one good thing is that people have started realising the importance of mental health more than ever. Discussions around it have become more widespread. Awareness has increased. And though, a lot remains to be done in this direction, it is indeed a positive move.

Speaking about kids living with cancer, the scenario has been far more challenging.
The pandemic has taken a toll on their overall wellbeing, rather seriously. The unsettled environment has shaken their already ‘not so normal’ lives.

Starting from an added risk of infection due to low immunity to modifications in care and treatment, kids with Leukemia are fighting a much more difficult war than we can think of.

In fact, the economic repercussions have also been immense. Inflow of funds have been impacted, leading to delay in treatments.
The excessive burden on the healthcare system have further accentuated the disruptions.
Due to social distancing norms and other precautionary measures, these children are forced to stay indoors. They cannot even move out to enjoy some carefree moments.

As we make a fresh start to the year, with the world striving hard to get back to normal with vaccination and precautions, let us spare some time to think about the battle these children are fighting besides their illness and salute them for their relentless spirit to win.
The pain behind those smiles

We wish it could go away…forever and, not for a little while;
The will to fight back, so clear in their eyes —
We wish they come out of these tough times
With abundance of health, happiness and dreams to touch the skies!


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