Survivor Stories

Kids fight cancer with a pocketful of hope, lots of laughter and inner strength like superheroes. Each one of our survivors and our superheroes have battled incredible obstacles and spread inspiration all around them.

Dipti was a bright toddler filled with life when her parents approached us. Devastated by her diagnosis of Leukemia, they had already exhausted all their savings and earnings in testing and confirming her diagnosis. But they had the hope that the daughter who was born to them after so much difficulty, would fight and win over cancer if given a chance. Determined to get her treatment in time, Leukemia Crusaders stepped in to take over the financial burden of her treatment and held Dipti and her parent’s hand through her treatment, which lasted over two years. Today, she is a healthy young child, who loves going to school, playing with her dolls and adores her parents. She was the first child with whom we began our journey. Seeing her success, the smile on her face, it motivated us to move forth and help even more children who just need a chance to fight cancer.