Speedy financial aid to avoid delays in treatment.

Timely treatment of children with Leukemia increases the chances of recovery to a large extent. With our bridge-funding, we ensure treatment starts as soon as possible.

Access to best medical facilities for the needy.

The possibility of better outcomes increases with better healthcare access.
The poor is often not in a condition to avail quality medical services.
We serve as a bridge here.
Helping children defeat leukemia (blood cancer)

Every child needs a happy childhood. When we see the little ones fighting Leukemia, we step forward and walk with them to ensure that their journey is a little less stressful and a lot more hopeful.

70,000-80,000 new cases
In India there are 70,000-80,000 (estimated) new cases of Childhood Cancer diagnosed every year, among which nearly 40-50% are that of Leukemia.Read More
Vision and Mission
  • VISION TO HEAL It is our dream to bring about significant progress and positive changes in the treatment and recovery of leukemia-affected children across India. We aim create a healthy future for these young ones.
  • MISSION TO HELP Facilitate early detection of Leukemia (Blood Cancer) in children by creating awareness.
    Provide financial assistance & support to maximum under-privileged children battling leukemia, across the country.
  • 2300 AND COUNTING With the support of doctors, donors and hospitals, we have come this far. We need continuous help and contribution to reach many such milestones in our journey towards Leukemia cure in kids.
Leukemia Crusaders
Help Us Save The Childern
We provide financial help and support to underprivileged children battling Leukemia because we believe every child should get a chance.
Founder Trustee
  • PROVIDE BRIDGE FUNDING We provide financial assistance for the treatment of underprivileged children till funds from alternate sources are arranged.
    We ensure that the funds are transferred within 48 hrs of application approval through easy and transparent processes.
  • COLLABORATIONS We collaborate with doctors/hospitals providing the best treatments all over India so that maximum children fighting Leukemia have best of treatments nearer to them.
    We also collaborate with other support groups to create an ecosystem for the families fighting Leukemia.
  • IMPROVE SURVIVAL RATE We ensure that the treatment is started as soon as possible through speedy fund transfer.
    We strive to reduce abandonment by keeping a track on the status of the children throughout the treatment.


The criteria and process laid down by us to help finance the treatment of underprivileged children fighting Leukemia are quick and transparent. This ensures that treatment begins without delay, and the child has maximum chance to beat cancer.
  1. Tie up/Collaboration is done with the hospitals meeting criteria.
  2. The child suffering from blood cancer must be below 18 years of age.
  3. The child’s parents must be needy/underprivileged.
  4. Application in prescribed format and documents recommended by doctor.
  5. Flow of financial aid is provided as per recommendation of the treating doctor.
  6. The funds get transferred to the hospital in installments.
  7. The hospital submits original bills regularly to the trust.
Our Story
“It’s not just a story of winning, it’s a story of not giving up. When people decide not to give up, something wonderful happens. They live. They live a better life.”

Monica Vohra (Managing Trustee)


It was in July 2011 that Aaryan, son of Monica & Arvind Vohra was diagnosed with Leukemia. Like all parents they were in a state of shock and the name itself spelled uncertainty and fear. Only after visiting a couple of doctors they realised that this illness was curable and it was a winning battle.

The trauma and tribulations the family experienced while fighting childhood cancer, made them pledge to extend support to the needy and underprivileged parents of Leukemia affected children and founded Leukemia Crusaders.

Network Hospitals
Leukemia Crusaders
Leukemia Crusaders
From the Chairman's Desk

Leukemia Crusaders is an Initiative of BansiVidya Memorial Trust. The Trust was formed in 2012 to work and contribute towards the noble cause of supporting Leukemia (Blood Cancer) affected children.

We believe that children are the future of India and there should be no reason why they should lose their future due to lack of funds. Every child has a right to live and Leukemia Crusaders is our vehicle to achieve this belief. From the first girl child in November 2013, we have till date supported more than 1500 children in 40 hospitals across the country.

It is our dream to bring about a significant change and progress in the treatment and recovery of Leukemia affected children in India

Leukemia Crusaders

Arvind R. Vohra

Founder Trustee

Monica Vohra

Managing Trustee

Amita Mahajan

Mentor and Medical Advisor

  • We manage and monitor our projects stringently to ensure efficient utilisation of funds.
  • Funding is regularly assessed by professionals to measure progress.
  • We are completely transparent in our process.
  • We have a clear vision – Save as many children with cancer by getting them timely treatment without any delay.
  • We give you an opportunity to give children their childhood back.
  • We ensure that aid reaches to those who are genuine and needy.
  • Your donations are Tax Exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Poor families affected the most: As most of the Government/ Trust hospitals are now converted to COVID centers, non-COVID poor patients are facing difficulties in finding suitable alternatives.

MANDATORY COVID TESTS: Families are struggling to pay for COVID tests every time a child has to get admitted for chemotherapy

LACK OF GOVERNMENT FUNDS: There is delay in receiving all Govt funds(PM/CM/ other) Govt. funds acts as one of the main source of funds but now families are looking up to NGO’s like us for the funds

BREAK IN THE TREATMENT: Many parents have lost their jobs and are struggling to arrange funds for the treatment of their child.

Leukemia Crusaders
Our Blogs
Leukemia Crusaders

In our journey to provide optimum care to our children with leukemia, we are enormously fortunate to have Leukemia Crusaders as our partners. Over many years, including during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have consistently and promptly helped us with funds for these patients and help them complete their treatment without interruption thus ensuring a better outcome.

Dr. Ramandeep Singh Arora, Senior Consultant, Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

Thanks to the team of Leukemia Crusaders, little  Divyanshi who was diagnosed with blood cancer is  celebrating her 3rd birthday. She has completed her first  cycle of chemotherapy successfully. Divyanshi is not  alone, Leukemia Crusaders has helped many so far who  are getting treated for blood cancer in our institute.

Dr. Shruti Kakkar – DMCH, Ludhiana

Funding from Leukemia Crusaders has been a big  boon for patients from the poor socio-economic  strata of society, as now they do not abandon  treatment due to lack of funds. The lives of many  children have been saved due to the help extended by Leukemia Crusaders.

Dr. Venkatraman – Cancer institute, Adyar, Chennai

They help needy patients in the shortest time. Because of them, I can see a future  with 0% abandonment.

Dr. Tushar Idhate – MGM Hospital, Aurangabad

Leukemia crusader team is doing great work by understanding this emergency need and providing essential financial support within 24 to 48 hours of request until more definite fund arrangement can be done for long term. We are proud to be associated with this team of very enthusiastic professionals who are showering the first light in the lives of these children and their families. May God give them strength to continue their excellent work.

Dr Smita, JIPMER, Puducherry

Our Motto is that no child suffering from Cancer should go out from our centre without the treatment just because they can’t afford it. Leukemia Crusaders is helping us a lot in achieving this as their help is without much paper work and hassle.

Dr. Faisal Guru – SKIMS, Srinagar

The presence of Leukemia Crusaders has made our lives more meaningful by giving us the possibility to offer treatment to every child affected with cancer..

Dr. M Joseph John – CMC, Ludhiana

Leukemia crusaders has selflessly touched the lives of thousands of families… They have put smile to the lips when the eyes were all teary. Leukemia Crusaders are a living example of how to live the life right.

Dr. Manas Kalra – Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi

An act of kindness and support during tragic circumstances is very powerful. Just knowing that there are amazing people for children in need helps families come out with courage. We are proud to join hands with Leukemia Crusaders to fight cancer.

Dr. Revathi Raj – Apollo, Chennai

We are so blessed to be associated with Leukemia Crusaders who provides bridge funds so that our patients with leukemia can continue treatment, while awaiting financial aid from other resources.

Dr. Leni G Mathews – CMC, Vellore

Leukemia Crusaders has been helping the children at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata since early 2017. In the span of less than a year, many children have benefitted from funds donated by them. The process is smooth, and help comes promptly. Leukemia Crusaders is helping our children on their path to healthy, fruitful lives.

Dr. Arpita Bhattacharyya – Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata

Leukemia crusaders has supported many of our patients . They are very prompt and the money is transferred within 48 hours of the request put up for needy children battling leukemia . Their support is very helpful.

Dr Sangeeta Mudaliar Wadia hospital , Mumbai