Donate Now

Each person can make a difference in their own way, in helping change the lives of children fighting cancer. Here’s how you as an individual can help

  • Make a Contribution to the Cause

Any amount received in favor of these children goes a long way in their battle for survival

As a company, there are many ways in which you can help make a substantial impact in improving the chances of children winning the battle against blood cancer. Here’s how you can help -

  • Sponsor Treatment of Children across many hospitals or just one
  • Donate Proceeds from the sale of a product or service to Leukemia Crusaders
  • Donate Space/Platform for Leukemia Crusaders to spread awareness and raise funds
  • Sponsor an Event Organisedby us and associate your brand name with our cause
  • Payroll Giving allows your company’s employees to contribute by sanctioning an automatic deduction from their monthly salaries
  • Sponsor Ad Space to spread awareness