By Shailika Sinha We have all grown up on moral science lessons in our schools where we are taught about the values of kindness, generosity, helping and sharing. Why does it so happen then that as we grow old and get busy with our lives, we tend to leave these morals behind in the process of fulfilling our dreams and ambitions. Or is it just that we do not feel the need to give back to the society we are a …

Miracles do happen

By Jasmine On 23rd feb, 2018, Mr. Lokesh came to Ms. Monica and Arvind Vohra’s home at around 9pm with a heavy heart as that’s the day he got to know his 15 yr old son-Dushyant has been diagnosed with Blood cancer. Fever hitting to 106 degrees. The immediate advice from them was to take him to Apollo hospital, New Delhi and admit him with the assurance that they will help funding his treatment. The treatment started immediately, to another shock …