Giving back childhood

Armeet Kaur is a cheerful, bubbly girl and the most lovable member in her family. When she turned 2, she had high fever. Her parents took her to the nearest paediatrician who asked them to get some tests done. Armeet started feeling sick every passing day. Her parents were worried. It was hard to see her on bed for days. However, after a few more tests, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. It is hard to imagine wht the parents must have gone through with their child being diagnosed with such a disease. The family was devastated with fading hopes. The fear of losing their child was unexplainable. Dr. Rajan referred Armeet to Dr. Shruti in Dayanand Medical College & Hospital in Ludhiana.

Armeet’s father, being the sole bread earner of the family was clueless of what to do next. He was uncertain of his daughter’s life. Each day was so painful for the family. Armeet and the family reached Ludhiana to meet Dr. Shruti. Dr. Shruti took Armeet through few more tests and after getting the reports she assured the family that Leukemia is curable. This came as a ray of hope for the family, but as they came from a poor background they has little idea about how they would meet the treatment expenses. The doctor understood the family’s concern and approached Leukemia Crusaders for funds. Leukemia Crusaders transferred the funds within 24 hours to start the treatment immediately.

The hospital also approached for government funds for more help.

Today Armeet is doing well. Although she is still fighting the battle, she knows she will win soon.


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